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Developing the 'write' content for your website
Having a website is a quick and easy way to reach thousands of people worldwide. But what is the point if you are not getting the message across? Ensuring you use the most appropriate words, phrases and sentences all displayed in the most effective manner, can mean the difference between a successful website, and ultimately an effective on-line business.

"Successful sites are those with a clear purpose, clearly expressed. They provide the right type of information, which is well presented and structured to guarantee the maximum impact."

Writing for the Internet is an entirely different proposition to that of writing for other mediums. With the web you will sometimes only have a few seconds to attract the visitors interest. Otherwise, they are off to a competitor’s site and you will have lost the chance to promote your business.

There are a number of key issues that need addressing ‘before’ you start to develop the site's content.

What is the website for? Before you write anything you should be clear about who the website is aimed at and what is its key message?

Plan the website. Organising and structuring the website is important. The information provided should be separated into manageable and relevant chunks. Think of the ‘home page’ as the start of a potential journey for your visitor. Where do they need to go first, and what do you want them to be drawn into?

Delivering the right message. It is an accepted fact that short, sharp sentences work best on the web. Of critical importance is the choice of ‘key words or phrases’ on each page. Particularly the home page. Try to imagine what your customers might ask and develop the content around that. Avoid technical jargon and slang and try to be specific.

Quality check. Always spell check and grammar check your work. The quality of the site reflects on you, so always double check everything.

Developing the content for your site is as important as the design and colour scheme adopted. Research has shown that the words used are critical to a site's success, both with individual site visitors and with the search engines that will hopefully ‘spider’ your site prior to adding it to their database.

Often what the site is going to say is the last thing considered, but it is arguably the most important part of the website development process.

Let Spider Link help you develop your website content and make sure your website works!


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